A short history of sweets

What we know today as sweets, in fact, only around since the 19th century. In truth, we always had a sweet - honey was eaten for centuries, and those who lived in the Middle Ages, the number of sweet love - but expensive - food.


Popularity of sweet food and food snacks

Known for its authentic and delicious spices savories, Indian snacks and Indian sweets foods contain an excess of recipes and sweet surprises. Due to the rich cultural diversity in India, Indian cuisine snacks and sweet foods rich in variety and taste.


The harms of eating too much sweet food

Many people like sweet food. However, the sweet food contains a lot of calories and sugar, which is the biggest threat to human health. In our daily diet, for those who prefer sweet foods, often suffer from many diseases due to excessive supply sugar.


Sweets from the 11th century to nowadays

When we talk about the candy, we think about what is intended solely for the children, but they were at the beginning of what could be described as precious, and can be purchased by rich people. Being mostly of sugar, a product that in the past.


Sweet finger foods

Sugary foods finger bite-sized chocolates, which are usually served after dinner with tea and coffee. These can range from Turkish Delight to strawberries in chocolate. They are a wonderful way to finish dinner, function or wedding.


Food in India and the snack industry

Cooking methods and varieties differ from country to country. You will see a big difference in taste, cooking, garnishing and ingredients. With changing lifestyles, the traditional power there were revolutionary changes.


Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential

We thought it only appropriate that our inaugural post pay homage to the dark knight himself. The Keith Richards of the culinary world, Chef Anthony Bourdain. Before Chef Bourdain’s classic expose “Kitchen Confidential” most of us thought chefs were all classically trained savants spending their free time jetting across the globe finding the best source for truffles or touring the French countryside unearthing culinary secrets.

It was Chef Bourdaine that filled us in on a little known and well kept secret. The guy who cooked your $80.00 Peter Luger chop is more likely to have crossed over from Guatemala than attended the Cordon Bleu. He portrays the cooks in his biography more as a band of over worked hard partying misfit pirates than the pedigreed prima donnas we all envisioned, and that is just fine by me. Because in the end it is all about good food and that is what Chef Bourdaine is all about.

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